Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Safari – Winter Birds

It's been a very busy week. And now, back with birds

Bird-Man by Xanti Schavinski, 1944

Ave Gracia Plena Dominus Tecum by Kiki Smith, 2000

Calendar illustration by mocchi mocchi

Stained Glass by Duilio Cambellotti

Bronze swan sculptures at Edinburgh Quay by Shona Kinloch,
thanks to Falling Sky's flickr photostream

Illustration from Swan Sky by Keizaburo Tejima, 1983,
another amazing find from A Journey Round my Skull

Eternally curious willett by Ann Wood (thanks once again to Kickcan and Conkers)

Winter Doves gocco print by Dee Beale

Snow-Birds painting by Sarah Young

another sign that I've been overworking...
can anyone please help me locate the author of this poor lost winter turkey?


  1. Another beautiful collection - I like Bird-Man and I really must get a copy of Swan Song, it looks gorgeous!

  2. I love the Toshiyuki Fukuda!



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