Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Safari - What makes bunnies melancholy?

Bunnies, one of my favorite creatures in the soft and cute category,
are unfortunately inclined to suffer from depressive tendencies.
Just think of the famous Book of Bunny Suicides, or David Lynch's alienated Rabbits family.
To further prove the point, here you can meet some of the quiet and pensive creatures
I have encountered lately in my random journeys down the rabbit hole...

Slattern by Lou Beach

illustration by Toshiyuki Fukuda

illustration by Daniel Chang

Crochet bunny by Shauna Richardson

A Newspaper dress by Stasys Eidrigevicius, thanks to A Journey Round My Skull

Michael Sowa, illustration from Esterhazy: the Rabbit Prince

Pepel chair by Chiho Makino

Lapin by Marianne Ratier
Book cover by John Alcorn for the Italian edition of Watership Down, 1974

March Hare by Madeleine Floyd, thanks to Art Finds


  1. i tend to think "bummed" rather than melancholic -- cause of how well it goes with bunny. :^)

    they're pissed off at reindeer.

    you know this image?

  2. Oh dear, the bunny blues... Lovely collection. Pleased to see cathy's gorgeous creatures among them.

  3. Both "Bummed bunnies" and "Bunny Blues" would have been beautiful titles for this post. Too bad I was not in an inspired alliterative mood last Sunday!

  4. Iti si true that bunnies are depressive.. :(

    thanks for the post! I like it.


  5. So, so inspiring. Thank you for all these wonderful posts.



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