Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Safari – Some Like It Cold

Watching you, without me by Robert Hunter

Polar Bear by Camilla Engman

From behind the glass we watched him play for hours
and He was showing off to a captive audience by Leia Bell

Polar Bear print by Eleanor Grosch

Polar Bear print by Sebastiano Ranchetti

After the flood by Chiho Makino

Cover of The Little Polar Bear by Rudolf Lukes,thanks to Grain Edit

Illustration from The Wild and woolly animal book by Dale Maxey, 1966
thanks to Bonito Club's flickr illustration collection
White Bear by Jane Mount

Global Warming by Kun-Jum Park

Bear stencil by Simon Oxley, thanks to Share Some Candy


  1. Beautiful drawings, but it's only sad they're loosing their territory...

  2. Some lovely, new-to-me polar bears here Laura. As they're polar bears, have a look at these

  3. Came here by mere coincedence looking for illustrations of Ted Hughes children's books...especially for images of the different illustrations going with the older prints of "How the polar bear became" story or The illustrations "Under the North Star" (which in fact I have never had the opportunity to read)...

    I enjoyed being here and I have fallen absolutely in love with The Little Polar Bear...

    If ever you find more on the topic, please let me know
    I am running a blog mainly about polar bears...

    Thanks for sharing



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