Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting dizzy in the grass with Laura Veirs

All the past week I have been bathing in the sounds dripping sun and honey of Laura Veirs' July Flame. What a tender and uplifting soundtrack for these first days of sunny warmth here in Florence! Make sure to visit her blog and download the two free tracks from her web boutique Raven Marching Band Records, where you can also of course buy the album.

Too bad that her Will-o'-the-Wisp Tour doesn't include any Italian dates... but maybe you can go and send in a report!

The video above by Alden Healy from San Francisco won the "I Can See Your Tracks" music video contest, while the "July Flame" official video below was uploaded on YouTube as I was writing this post (see? another coincidence...)

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  1. this blog is wonderfull thankyou so much .. i love all the stuff please, keep on .. ooo my goooog

    o myyy gooood
    its all so beautiful♥



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