Friday, May 11, 2012

Childhood Dragons

Maurice Sendak, As I Went Over the Water, 1965, thanks to a wonderful series of posts 

N.C. Wyeth, Legends of Charlemagne, 1924, via Animation Resources

Wanda GagThe Funny Thing, 1928, thanks to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Ruth Gannett, My Father's Dragon, 1948

Pauline Baynes, 1951, thanks to Tania Covo

Miroslav Váša, The Bugaboos Or Little Natural History Of The Spooks, 
Ghosts And Phantoms, 1961, thanks to josefskrhola

Judy Varga, The dragon who liked to spit fire, 1962,

John Martin Gilbert, A Dragon in a Wagon, 1966, thanks to Bonito Club

 Gerald Rose, Jabberwocky1968, thanks to bookvart

Rolf Lagerson, 1970, thanks to Martin Klasch

 Kenneth Mahood, The Laughing Dragon, 1970, 

Bill Peet, How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head, 1971 thanks to Michael Sporn Animation

Mikhail Belomlinsky, The Hobbit, 1976 

 Peter Pavey1978

Rosamar Corcuera, El Amaru1998, via the International Children's Digital Library


  1. I loved My Father's Dragon, but Maurice Sendak rules, may he rest in peace.

  2. I know the post which also may be interesting for you.
    There are toys made after kids' drawings there. :))

  3. ciao! complimenti curi un blog spettacolare e ti volevo regalare anche io un bellissimo drago, spero il link sia giusto

  4. I love dragon! Thank you!
    For you collection, little cotton dragon whit princess from russian dollmakers KROKODILOVNA



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