Friday, May 25, 2012

A Wedding & A Funeral

This short was directed by Evelyn Lambart, the first female animator in Canada. 
Born in 1914 into a family of artists, she started to work at the National Film Board of Canada 
in 1942 and became the closest collaborator of animation legend Norman McLaren
Between 1942 and 1965 the two co-directed six films and worked together on many others.
During this period Lambart animated and directed only one film without McLaren, 
O Canadabut when in the early 1960s he turned his attention to ballet films, 
she decided instead to follow her own creative path in animation.

 Lambart and McLaren at work, © 1948 NFB

She perfected a technique involving paper and linoleum cutouts transferred to a black
 lithograph plate which she would then paint and animate. This approach was possibly inspired
 by the work of Lotte Reinigerthe pioneer German animator who worked at the NFB in the 1970s.  
Lambart went on to produce seven award winning animated shorts between 1968 and 1980;
 I have chosen her interpretation of an old English folk tune, Mr. Frog-Went-A-Courting.
(I know the song very well because when the girls were little we used to listen to it 
in Pete Seeger's delightful American Folk Songs for Children.)


  1. I have been a big fan of Lotte Reingier's magial work, but This is wonderful, thank you for this introduction to Evelyn Lambart's charming world :)

  2. Oh, it's so sweet. I love that the animals move like paper dolls or paper puppets. I'm glad she pursued an animation career.



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