Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet as a Lion

Boniface's Holiday is a prize-winning 1965 animation by the great Russian director Fyodor Khitruk
It's funny, very sweet, and it showcases a variety of wonderful and innovative graphic ideas.
If there are children around you show it to them, I think they will enjoy it!


  1. Great multic (russian children this called anime film)! One of artist in this film are Jurij Norshtein, autor "Hedgehog in the Fog"

  2. I find for you lion Russian toymakers Anika. She loves this mult, too.

  3. Such a great surprise to see Boniface here! He's one of my favourite characters since I was a child. By the way, the whole blog is fantastic, I love it! I appreciate what you're doing and finding the works of Russian illustrators (as I am Russian myself) over here is quite pleasing, too. Thanks a lot, Laura!)

  4. wool-bulb, thanks for the link and the info, I didn't know that Norstein was involved

    shoorique, thank you, I am glad that you too love Boniface.
    Russian illustration and animation are wonderful and too little known in the western world!



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