Friday, February 12, 2010

Mind Travel

Cruises to Every Land through Every Sea brochure, 1927

dreaming of salty air, sunny lands and wild life...

Raymond-Whitcomb steamship brochure, 1929

These two pieces come from the large archives of awesome ephemera at travelbrochuregraphics. Check out the great collection of modernist brochures featuring designs by the likes of Herbert Matter and Erberto Carboni.

unidentified design from my old collection of paper clippings

Australia poster by Gert Sellheim, 1937,

Portugal poster by Gustavo Fontoura, 1954

Air Afrique poster by Jacques Auriac, c.1965
from a beautiful Grain Edit post on 1950s-70s travel posters

Fly BOAC poster featuring puzzled Pakistani tigers
from Pignouf's huge vintage poster Picasa album

Swissair poster by Hugo Wetli, from Graphis Annual 1958-59

Air India poster by K.K. Save, from Graphis Annual 1962-63

Air France Chile poster by Nathan Garamond, from Graphis Annual 1963-64

Qantas Johannesburg airline sticker, from Illustration Today textbook 1963

Cover of Holiday magazine by George Giusti, from Graphis Annual 1966-67

this last series of five gorgeously colorful graphics comes from one of flickr's happier lands,
the wonderful collection of mid-century design and illustration by sandiv999

thank you everyone for all the happy travelling!


  1. Thanks for the voyage - love the giraffes by Raymond Whitcomb.

  2. Love these, I bought an air India one for my elephant loving relatives, really wonderful designs.



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