Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

John Alcorn, spread from The Fireside Book of Children's Songs, 1966,
from Mallory M's gorgeous flickr books set

Travelling back in time in a yellow submarine,
landed on a planet full of color and dreams,
it's a summer full of love I put flowers in my air
young people are painting them everywhere...

Cover of Edward Lear's The Pobble by Dale Maxey, 1968,
thanks to Flamenconut's incredible flickr collection

Poppy Head Turkey, poster by Milton Glaser, 1960s

Papier-maché cat from Nytt med gamla tidningar, 1969,
from P-E Fronning's flickr set

Poster by Robyn Milne

Fat Cat Craft and Coloring Book by Donna Sloan, 1971

Cover of Jerome by Jerome Snyder, 1967

Illustration for A Lodestone and a Toadstone by Irene Elmer, 1969

The four covers above come from oange's delightfully addictive

Tiger flower cover by Fleur Cowles, 1968

Poster by Tadanori Yokoo for the 16th exhibiton of Japan Advertising Artists Club, 1968,
thanks to onelargeprawn

Po Stopach Bengalskeho Tygra by Vratislav Hlavaty, 1973, at Terry Posters

Quicksilver Messenger Service, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, March 1967
poster by Victor Moscoso

Cover for the first German edition of Lord of the RIngs by Heinz Edelmann, 1969-70

Poster by Tadanori Yokoo, 1974

Sailor 21 Gold Fountain Pen poster by Aquirax Uno, 1968,
thanks to Pink Tentacle

Illisutration for A Paper Zoo by Ellen Raskin,1968,
thanks to the ever fascinating A Journey Round My Skull


  1. Nice collection!
    One of my favorite 1960s illustrators was Ezra Jack Keats - combining graphic & collage - check out "Hi Cat."

  2. What fun! Such a happy collection.



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