Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Safari - Sleepyheads

Emma & Tina on the duvet

Today the sun was out and we went for a beautiful walk by the river, but otherwise I have been mostly 
chilling in the wind and the rain or staying indoors. The most pleasurable moments are usually in the evenings, 
when we all snuggle up in bed for hours with our winter stash of chocolates, books, tea, music and movies. 
I wish safe, cozy and warm winter nights to all you sleepy creatures out there, under the blankets or the stars.

...then sleep by Rilla Alezander
Elephant bed and Tiger bed by animalsleepstories

Cover and illustration from Off to bed by Maud and Miska Petersham, 1954, thanks to Art.crazed

Sleeping snow leopard by Diana Sudyka

The tabby one and The ginger one by Celia Hart

John Vanderslice & Saint Vincent music poster by Leia Bell

Illustration from Miss Suzy by Arnold Lobel, 1964,

Spread from Wesole odwiedziny by Bohdan Wroblewski, thanks to hipopotamstudio

Illustration by Garth Williams for Mister dog by Margaret Wise Brown

Photo from de slaapzaal series by Karin Nussbaumer

Giraffe sleeping limited edition print by Guido Pigni

A shelter by Stasys Eidrigevicious, thanks to A Journey Round My Skull

Illustration from My little animal friends of the forest by Romain Simon,
from Flamenconut's wonderful Beast Feast flickr set



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