Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Safari - Lovebirds

Birds of a feather, be happy together

Lovebirds by Lisa Congdon

Letter from a shy lover by Rafal Olbinski

Bird Heart by Amy Ross

Lovebirds by Joy Ang

I sing only for you by Betsy Thompson

Giovannina x by Camilla Engman

Lovebirds by Geninne

I want to be adored by Leia Bell

Two-gether by Kathleen Lolley

Enamored owl by Alberto Cerriteño
Lovebirds by Ben Newman
Kissy birds by Joanne Liu

Strange and magnificent print by Freya Art, discovered thanks to Kickcan and Conkers

J'adore by Heather Amuny-Day, thanks to Grain Edit


  1. Nice :) Wondered what you'd do... thanks for the introduction to Kathleen Lolley's work.

  2. WOW, what a lovely selection of birds! My lovebirds are honored to be here :) Thanks!



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