Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Safari - Of all the fish in the sea

Sarajo Frieden, Of all the fish in the sea limited edition print

Feeding The Fish! from a wonderful new discovery, Limonana aka Shirin Sahba

Sakura Fujita, The fishes were able to sleep in peace and safety,
illustration from The moon and the fishes, 1972, thanks to letslookupandsmile's

Shino Harihara, Swim against the stream

Brian Wildsmith, A flotilla of swordfish,
thanks to Hazel Terry's lovely flickr stream

Józef Wilkon, Ryby

Charley Harper, Sole and Angelfish, 1950s

Donald Brun, Publimondial cover, 1948

Pesce Fresco, Mephisto fish

Kerry Beary, Fish School Gocco Print

Jie Verkstad, Swedish fish platter

Hans Hartmann, Graphis 49 cover, 1953

Jan Lenica, movie poster for Noz w wodzie by Roman Polanski, 1962
thanks to Snegotron's beautiful Polish posters flickr collection

Izzy Matthews, Fish, thanks to the always interesting Kickcan and Conkers

I just came back from a wonderful and very full weekend at the Carnevale di Viareggio... pictures to follow shortly! These modern fishes are a fun way to celebrate my daughter Alice's 20th birthday and all of you born under Pisces.


  1. A lot of animals in site of Samuli Heimonen:

  2. Lovely lovely fish collection, love the Valerio Vidali.

  3. Gosh 20, Happy Birthday Alice! Some beautiful images here. I think I'm on the same wavelength (ha!ha!) as Hazel, Valerio Vidali's work has my favorite vote today :)

  4. Un saluto anche dal pesce del mio post di settimana scorsa (che per ora è ancora l'ultimo)!
    Ogni tanto passo su questo blog, davvero piacevole da curiosare, pieno di interessanti interpretazioni.



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