Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simone Rea

Detective selvaggi (Wild detectives)

Furba (Smart)

Guardando la televisione (Watching television)

La nascita dell'uovo (The birth of the egg)

L'inventore (The inventor)

Gli sposi (The newlyweds)

Capracanta (Singing goat)

Bu bu!?

Fenicotteri banchettano (Flamingo banquet)

Il lupo e la pecora (The wolf and the sheep)

These are some artworks by Simone Rea, a talented Italian illustrator I have discovered
 while exploring the intricate and joyful network of interconnected European illustrators' blogs. 
I have also found a very interesting guest post by Simone on le figure dei libri, where he shows
 the painstaking technique he has developed to create the beautiful textured surfaces of his paintings.


  1. I really like some of thee - Furba, Birth of an egg and the last one, especially. Thanks :)



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