Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Safari - Suits Me

Collage by Jacques Prevert from airform's flickr stream

What Beauty Is by Charlene April

Lou Beach, World of Men

LOT poster by Janusz Stanny, 1978

Stanislav Bouvier, from Cardboard Cutout Sundown's flickr stream

Antonio Saliola, Ritratto dello zio Gustavo e un amico, 1970-71

Poster by Bacanovic Branico

Valerio Doval, Good looking at work

Mark Weaver, Thief and Control

Animal Spirits, illustration for The New York Times Book Review by Shout

Illustration for Toronto's Soulpepper Theater by Sam Weber, thanks to cgunit

Javier Jaén, Señor Pajaro

Marco Cazzato, Non ho nulla da dirvi



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