Sunday, July 26, 2009

The mysterious art of Franco Matticchio

I want to start this new blog about animals and artists with a post about a friend of mine
 who also happens to be one of my favorite Italian illustrators: Franco Matticchio
His drawings are witty, elegant and full of fantasy; sometimes dark, often enigmatic,
 always very personal. Animals are consistent inhabitants of Matticchio's unpredictable
 and humorous universe. Notably, an eyepatch-wearing cat called Jones is the protagonist
of a series of surreal comics stories collected in the volume Sensa Senso, while a lonely


  1. These are wonderful. I will definitely put on my collecting goggles and start buying.

  2. I Will, thanks for the comment!
    Franco is a dear friend, and I am happy to announce that we have agreed that Animalarium is going to host a weekly Matticchio post - stay tuned!
    A good number of his books have been published by the Italian editions Nuages:

  3. Ah, Franco's work is truly fantastic! Love what you have posted here plus watched that brilliant opening film sequence with a smile on my face all the way through. So pleased you will be featuring more of his work.

    Laura, your fresh new blog is wonderful! Will be subscribing. And thanks so much for paying me a blog visit this week.

    Psst... that 1930s *See America* print you marked as a flickr fave is up for grabs in my new giveaway. Feel free to enter for that as well if you like.

  4. may I use one of your pictures for a collage on my blog? Herzlich Pippa



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