Thursday, December 29, 2011

Performers, Acrobats & Clowns

The last act of this year's Circus festival is an episode from the very charming and funny
2003 tv series Creature Comforts created by Nick Parks at Aardman Animations.
The original concept utilizes bits of interviews with members of the public,
whose voices are then used to animate a long series of animal characters. 
Especially interesting to those of you who can understand English, 
since the best thing about these shorts is the humorous matching 
between the words spoken and the situations portrayed.

Year of the Cats

For the past six years, our studio Popdesign has produced a calendar 
featuring Sebastiano's animal art. The project started as a gift to family and friends, 
and evolved into a series of limited editions available in Italian and English versions. 
In the past we have explored different subjects, from dogs to birds and wildlife,
but our customers' perennial favorite, as you probably imagine, is cats. 
For the third year, the calendar has been featured as a giveaway on Modern Cat
a wonderful resource for cat owners with a taste for modern and innovative design.
There's still time to enter by leaving a comment here before January 2nd.
And if you decide to buy the calendar from our etsy shop, you'll receive three bonus prints!

I am very glad that this happens as we welcome our new pet Chapi, a very sick and homeless young cat 
which was rescued last Summer by our daughter Julia. When he first appeared at the campground
where she was staying, he was a smelly bag of bones with eyes half closed, missing teeth, a rough coat
 infested with fleas and mites and very little energy left. Although still suffering from a lingering cold
 and conjunctivitis, since he has been adopted Chapi has turned into a lovely cat with soft shiny fur,
 a nice healthy body and a great disposition. And now that he's stronger, it's time to move
 from a small city apartment to the country!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Safari - All the Pretty Horses

Eileen Mayo, The children's circus book, thanks to The Visual Telling of Stories 

Brian Wildsmith, illustration from Circus, thanks to Tiny Tim

Art Seiden, Circus Animals, 1958

Celestino Piatti, The Nok family circus, thanks to Vintage kids' Books My Kid Loves

Otto Dix, Kinderalbum

Lesley Barnes

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Circus Classics

Ant. L. de Rop, De Circus, 1890, thanks to BibliOdyssey

The circus is one of the great traditional subjects of children's literature and illustration,
 and this small gallery travels through different periods, countries and authors.
If you want to suggest any vintage titles that you know and appreciate for 
next year's edition you'll be most welcome!

 Benjamin Rabier, Het Circus Henri Bombari1912, thanks to Jan Willemsen

L.Ignatiev, Circus, 1930, thanks to Ribambelles et Ribambins and HannaRivka

Vladimir Lebedev, Circus (Dutch edition), 1931

John Dukes McKee, The Big Show, 1932, thanks to Retrofan

André Jourcin, Le Cirque Papyrus, 1947, thanks to Agence Eureka

Fini, The seven little elephants, 1947, thanks to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Maud and Miska Petersham, The Circus Baby, 1950

Alice and Martin Provensesn, The Golden Circus, 1950
thanks to Golden Gems

Patric Hudson, Circus Alphabet, 1954, thanks to julialbailey

Kurt Wiese, Pierre of the Big Top, 1956

Leonard Weisgard, Circus Animals, 1958

John E. Johnson, How To Scare a Lion, 1965

Hilary Knight, The Circus is coming, 1978

Bill Peet, Randy's Dandy Lions, 1979

Gianni Peg, Alex il Piccolo Fantastico Giocoliere, 1981

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Magic Ring

Pavel Fuksa aka jergot+gotroch

Christmas is in the air, time to continue traditions with 
Animalarium's 3rd Annual Circus Extravaganza

Hiroshige III, Big French circus on the grounds of Shokonsha shrine, 1871 

Hans Erni, 1965, thanks to Sandi Vincent

Mai Miturich, The Rainbow Book, 1974, thanks to art.crazed

By the way, while I love illustrated circus animals, 
I was very happy when these news came out!

If you are in the mood for more circus antics, please take a look at these previous posts:


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