Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Safari - Happy Antlers

Kari Piippo, Rudolph serigraph, 1998

Sorry for this week's lack of posts, my life has been 
pretty hectic since it was the end of the school semester.
Finally as of today I am on vacation, ready to rest, return 
to my beloved Animalarium and ease into the festive spirit... 

Roger Duvoisin, The Christmas Whale, 1945, via Curio Books

J.P. Miller, illustration from Jingle Bells, thanks to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves

Edward Bawden, thanks to All Things Considered.

J.Otto Seibold, Olive the other reindeer, thanks to Stella Baggott

Dale Maxey, illustration from The wild and woolly animal book, 1966,
thanks to Bonito Club

Grim Natwick, late 1950s

Artur Barbosa, 1945

In the mood for more reindeer? Head on to Shelley Davies' lovely blog...
Shelley and I share similar tastes, and often similar ideas for postings. 
This time she beat me to it, but happily there's so much art out there 
that our selections barely overlap!



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