Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ironic Trophies

After its recent exhibition dedicated to Franco Matticchio, Galleria dell'Incisione in Brescia
 is hosting Bestiaryfeaturing the sculptures and drawings of French artist Quentin Garel.
Born in Paris in 1975, the son of artist and teacher Philippe Garelat a very young age Quentin
became interested in art, which he studied at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts, 
the Art Institute of Chicago, and Casa de Velasquez in Madrid. 

Whether sculpting or drawing, the constant focus of Garel is the animal world, 
which he studies and portrays in its its strenght, dignity and vulnerability.
While his first works celebrated livestock, a group of animals that suffers much
due to the common barbarian practices of contemporary industrial breeding, 
today his subjects also include wild animals from the jungle and the savannah.

Garel's eye is ironic and precise, and his creatures are full of character.
He often represents them as a head or torso, and sometimes as skull and bones.

His sculptures are made of wood or other materials including bronze, iron and ceramic. 
The orangutan bronze sculpture above has been worked to give it the feeling of wood.
The sculptures are often conceived as installations for outdoor public spaces. 

Garel also draws with pencil, charcoal and watercolors on large sheets of paper.
These beautiful studies are exposed alongside with the sculptures.

The exhibition is on until the 15th of July.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cat Naps

It's been a while since I have updated you on Emma's health: she has been doing relatively well
thanks to a cortisone-based treatment, but I am afraid that the next couple of weeks are going to be rough.
 Once again, thanks for your emotional support and good wishes!

In the meantime, it's been very hot, and our cats are busy sleeping most of the day
(above, Tina in front to her virtual version; below, Chapi around my head).
Well, cats love to sleep, and I love watching them sleep - in fact, I find them irresistible. 
I am not at all surprised that so many artist have captured these moments! 
In fact, this gallery cound go on and on and on...

Clare Turlay Newberry, Pandora, 1944

Elizabeth Bonsall, The book of the cat, 1903, via the Children's International Digital Library

Mary Fedden, The Poppy, the Cat and the Compass, thanks to Gatochy

Leonard Weisgard, Suki, the Siamese Pussy, 1937

Charles Wysocki, Too pooped to participate

Garth Williams, The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse, 1954

 Hans Schmandt, Alle Tiere Schlafen Schon, 1973, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

Elizabeth Blackadder, Coco Sleeping

Tony Meeuwissen, Cat and mouse

Henri Galeron, Le chat

 Nicola Bayley, The patchwork cat

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Screen Play

These eye-popping silkscreen prints were created by The Little Friends of Printmaking,
a husband and wife design duo based in Milwaukee. Melissa and J W Buchanan have been active
 poster artists since 2003, and have been featured in many publications and won the 2006 Young Guns Award.
Their humorous and super colorful visual language, steeped in popular culture such as cartoons and comics,
may looks deceptively simple, but their approach to silkscreening is both complex and refined. 
If you dig them too, you may buy their prints here, and check out an interesting and funny
 2009 interview on Grain Edit, where you'll find out about their background, working methods,
 like and dislikes, the origin of their name, and more.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bath Time

Bobby Bear's Annual, 1949, thanks to Tania Covo

May Byron, Cecil Aldin’s merry party1913

M. Belyaeva, The wolf and the goatthanks to Ban Galbasi

 Leonard Weisgard, The clean pig, 1952

Franciszka Themerson, 1946, via Garaż ilustracji książkowych, thanks to ela

Jean de Brunhoff, Babar, 1931

James Marshall, George and Martha, 1997

 Elisabeth Brozowska, Isidore L'Hippopotame1969, thanks to illustration s'il vous plaît

Alain Grée, thanks to mimi the minx

Gahan Wilson, 2004

Follow this link to see who else is in the bathtub...


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