Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Finally, I am getting to share one of the books I discovered at the Bologna Book Fair.
It was created by Chiara Armellini, a talented young Italian artist living in Vicenza,
and published by our friends at TopipittoriPrinted on high quality heavy matte paper, 
this large size volume has a really nice feel to it. I love the clever illustrations 
made with rubber stamps, and the colors on the facing pages are just gorgeous.

 The concept of Ti faccio a pezzetti is simple and consists of a series of riddles. 
After each spread featuring an abstract composition of various shapes and a short text 
offering clues, another follows with the answer and a picture of the animal built out 
of those shapes. If you read italian, you can find the story behind the book here.


 Definitely another book for young children that adults can feast their eyes upon!



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