Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tender Mysteries

Today's selection of New Yorker covers was created by André François 
over a period of almost thirty years.

François was born in 1915 in a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
that soon later became Romania. In 1934 he moved to Paris,
where he joined the atelier of the great Art Deco poster artist Cassandre.

A man of many talents, François worked as a cartoonist, graphic designer, 
illustrator, set and costume designer, painter, engraver and sculptor.
His work was featured on many Penguin Books covers and in numerous leading
 international magazines, including Le Nouvel Observateur, Fortune, Vogue, 
The Observer, Holiday, Look and Punch.

Follow this link to view more work by André François on Animalarium.

You can buy online all of these covers as prints at the New Yorker Store.

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