Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still Lives

 The fantastic animated mindscapes of Jacek Yerka


 Alfredo De Santis was born in 1941 in Rome, and while as an art student, fully immersed himself 
in the lively and exciting artistic and intellectual life of the city during the 1950s. 
In 1962 he moved to Milan,where learned to appreciate the graphic design works 
of GIancarlo Iliprandi, Pino Tovaglia and other exponents of that fervently modernist era.
After moving back to Rome, in 1964 he opened a graphic design studio and published a number of 
children's books with Emme Edizioni. The funny alphabetic bestiary Alfazoo came out in 1968.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Matticchio

Sunday Safari - Night Life

Józef Wilkon, Kusnierz, 1970 

Poster by Animal Canon

Charley HarperRac Pack

Annegert Fuchshuber, illustration for Zwei und Mehr

Viera Gergel'ova, illustration for Cin - Cin, 1973, from A Journey Round My Skull's
priceless Forgotten Illustrators series.

Keizaburo Tejima, woodcut from Swan Sky, 1983, 
thanks again to A Journey Round My Skull

Lemur Tree by Sebastiano Ranchetti at PopDesign's new website

Fabrizio SileiPinocchio's Goat

 Eleanor Grolsch, Abstract Owl

 Lena WolffConstellation

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Domestic Elephantidae:
1 teapot, 2 jewel box, 3 cookie jar, 4 keychain, 5 creamer, 6 waterning can, 7 vase, 8 piggy bank, 9 children stool

Many thanks to Carlo Porrini for linking me to Taxonomy of domestic fauna, 
a charming series of etchings by Colombian artist Marcela Cardenas.
Besides loving animals, I also own a small collection of animal-shaped objects
and, as you may have noticed, have a natural tendency to create arbitrary
classifications, so Marcela's work is right up my alley.

 Domestic Ictiology

1 doorknocker, 2 bottle opener, 3 ashtray, 4 plate, 5bottle, 6 baking mold, 7 bottle, 8, pitcher, 9 vase, 10 teapot 

 Domestic Ursidae

1 and 2 piggybank, 3 clutch, 4 keychain, 5 clock, 6 pot, 7 jar, 8 honey bottle, 9 usb


1 teapot, 2 bottle opener, 3 scissors, 4 lemon press5 vase, 6 chili box, 7candy box, 8 cocktail shaker

Domestic Lagomorphs
1 teapot, 2 pincushion, 3 stick, 4 creamer, 5 piggybank, 6 cookie jar, 7 vase, 8 ring, 9 toy, 10 candy box, 11 planter

 Cardenas often works with acrylics, as in this picture from her recent project Domestic landscapes
You can also find her works on the Behance Network and on flickr.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Children of the Revolution, part 3

Eduard Krimmer for Orkestr, 1925

At last, more treasures from the rich vaults of late 1920s Soviet Russia.
I scanned these images from L'illustrazione del libro per bambini e l'Avanguardia russa,
 a book written by Erast Davidovic Kuznecov and published by Cantini, Firenze in 1991.

Eduard Krimmer for Port, 1926

Peter Sokolov, Dzangyr-baj, 1926

Kirill Zdanevic for Cto ni stranica, to slom, to l'vica by Majakovsky, 1928

Vladimir Konasevic for Vot tak kartinski, 1928

Vladimir Konasevic for Igra, 1931

Alekxandr Samochalov for Mstitel'nyj Chudzar, 1929

Nison Sifrin for Begut, vezut,rabotajut, 1929

Ivan Efimov for Mena, 1929

For the first two parts of this series, look here and here.


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