Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seasons of the Peacock

Walter Crane, Juno and her Birds, 1887, via Art & Vintage

With their sumptuous ornamental feathers, elegant silhouettes and rich 
iridescent colors, peacocks were the Art Nouveau birds par excellence.
I love watching the many different ways in which artists have played
 with such complex and fascinating imagery.
Many thanks to the beautiful Peacock's Garden for some of the images
in this post, go visit that enchanted place and you'll find much more. 

Will Bradley, The Modern Poster and 
The Kiss from Bradley: His Book, 1896

Eugène Grasset, two plates from L'animal dans la décoration, 1897, 

Gisbert Combaz, poster La Libre Esthétique, 1898,
thanks to trialsanderrors

I.J. Bilibin, illustration for Perysko Finista asna-sokola, 1899

Umberto Bottazzi, cover of Emporium, 1899

Galileo Chini, peacock tile, c.1900
from the exhibition Galileo Chini e la Toscana

Alphonse Mucha, Bijouterie Fouquet, 1900

René Lalique, 1901

Albert Weisgerber, Pfauentanz from Jugend, 1902

Albert Turbayne poster, 1903



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