Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mad Men & Crazy Critters - Wild Spirits

 Armando Testa, maquette for Martini

Animals and alcohol have a long history together in advertising, 
I suppose they make our addictions look more harmless?


Ramon Casas1900 

 thanks to Art & Vintage

Albert Weisgerber, 1913 

Robert Wolff, 1920

G. Piana, 1927

Albert Dorfinant

Dr. Seuss, 1937

D'après d'Ormellas, 1937, thanks to Ωméga

John Gilroy, 1936-38

Frans Mettes, thanks to Vintage Advertising and Poster Art

Raymond Savignac, 1950

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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Wedding & A Funeral

This short was directed by Evelyn Lambart, the first female animator in Canada. 
Born in 1914 into a family of artists, she started to work at the National Film Board of Canada 
in 1942 and became the closest collaborator of animation legend Norman McLaren
Between 1942 and 1965 the two co-directed six films and worked together on many others.
During this period Lambart animated and directed only one film without McLaren, 
O Canadabut when in the early 1960s he turned his attention to ballet films, 
she decided instead to follow her own creative path in animation.

 Lambart and McLaren at work, © 1948 NFB

She perfected a technique involving paper and linoleum cutouts transferred to a black
 lithograph plate which she would then paint and animate. This approach was possibly inspired
 by the work of Lotte Reinigerthe pioneer German animator who worked at the NFB in the 1970s.  
Lambart went on to produce seven award winning animated shorts between 1968 and 1980;
 I have chosen her interpretation of an old English folk tune, Mr. Frog-Went-A-Courting.
(I know the song very well because when the girls were little we used to listen to it 
in Pete Seeger's delightful American Folk Songs for Children.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hungarian Spring

Maybe to compensate this strangely grey spring season, after David Weidman 
I am still in the mood for sharing some joyful, sunshine filled imagery.

János Kass was born in Szeged, Hungary, in 1927. After finishing his artistic studies,
he became one of Hungary's foremost graphic artists and book illustrators.
He also worked as a printmaker, painter, sculptor, teacher, and postage stamp designer. 

János illustrated and designed around 400 books, mostly classic novels and children's stories.
He was remarkably versatile, and his artistic output ranged from fine etchings and intense b&w prints
 to bold and colourful silk-screens and delightfully playful children's illustrations.
His art combined the influence of traditional Hungarian folk culture with that of modern 
art movements. János' work gained international recognition, and was awarded the prize 
for best illustrated book at the 1973 Leipzig book fair and the 1999 Frankfurt fair. 
He won the Kossuth prize, Hungary's highest artistic award, and his drawings, etchings
 and silk-screen prints were widely exhibited at home and around the world. 

János was the storyboard artist for Dilemmathe earliest fully digital animated film
Thi1981 British short directed by Hungarian born animator John Halas won international awards
 and was nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival
János also worked as background artist for the "So Beautiful and So Dangerous" 
segment of the 1981 animated feature Heavy Metal

Magyar Andersen stamp series, 1979

János Kass died in 2010 at the age of 82. HIs artworks can be viewed at the Hungarian National Gallery 
and in a permanent exhibition located in his birthplace Szeged.

To my knowledge, none of János' beautiful children's books have been published in Italy. 
 I found the images for this post in a variety of websites, from Japanese vintage bookshops
and Hungarian art galleries to the lovely blogs Two Hand Design and Kristina Klarin.
I will try to post some original scans of his work in the near future; in the meanwhile 
you can check out the work of another outstanding Hungarian illustrator, Károly Reich.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Dahlov Ipcar, Hard scrabble harvest, via The Retro/Vintage Scan Emporium

John Burningham, Mr. Grumpy's Outing, 1970, thanks to flamenconut

Stanley Stubenberg, Young Folks Hawaiian Time, 1965, thanks to Glen Mullaly

Ota Janeček, Vom Klugen Esel und Andere Tierfabeln, 1972

Ron Sandford, 1965, thanks to joy of a toy

Catherine Louis, Le rat m'a dit...

1950s brass piggy bank at Fears and Kahn

Amie Roman, Souee!

Garth Williams, Charlotte's Web, thanks to Bibliodyssey

 Hermann-Paul, Don Quichotte, 1929, thanks to 50 Watts


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