Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mad Men & Crazy Critters - Wild Spirits

 Armando Testa, maquette for Martini

Animals and alcohol have a long history together in advertising, 
I suppose they make our addictions look more harmless?


Ramon Casas1900 

 thanks to Art & Vintage

Albert Weisgerber, 1913 

Robert Wolff, 1920

G. Piana, 1927

Albert Dorfinant

Dr. Seuss, 1937

D'après d'Ormellas, 1937, thanks to Ωméga

John Gilroy, 1936-38

Frans Mettes, thanks to Vintage Advertising and Poster Art

Raymond Savignac, 1950

Find more examples here

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  1. I've always loved these vintage liquor posters and have a collection of them. I especially love the ones with animals. I think the top one with the rooster is my favorite.



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