Friday, May 18, 2012

California Sunshine

I am always attracted to the bright palettes and informal style of mid-century modern decorative arts.
Some of the most strikingly vibrant and joyous images from the period were created by Los Angeles
 artist David Weidman. After finishing art school, Weidman worked as an animator for Hannah Barbara
 and other LA studios during the 1950s. Frustrated by the assembly line organization
 of animation studios, in the early 1960s he opened a poster and framing shop and 
started producing his own silk-screen prints. He continued until the late 1970s, creating 
a large body of work, but never experienced widespread commercial success. 
Now that Weidman is 89, his bright and humorous style has found new favor with younger generations
and the reissue of some of his prints as cushions and wall art by Urban Outfitters
Weidman's prints are also available for sale here.

Owl tapestry, thanks to Mid-Centuria


Waiting dog

King Elephant

Circus Animals

Flower Kat

Home Sweet Home

Dummy Cat

Bird Tree

Shadow Bird

Bird in Cage


  1. I love the owl! Your blog is a real find. Thank you. Ruth

  2. Gorgeous! I may need this book. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  3. Wow. This is such yummy artwork. I love the colors.



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