Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Out in the Country

Eric Drooker

I love the dreamy Summer atmosphere of the latest New Yorker cover 
by Eric Drooker. This new gallery features various other
cover artists' views of the great outdoors.

three covers by William Steig 


 Ilonka Karasz

Three covers by Abe Birnbaum

Warren Miller

Mischa Richter

Jenni Oliver

Charles Addams

Gahan Wilson

Bruce McCall

Philippe Petit-Roulet

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Insect Orchestra

 Jiri Trnka, Prijdte K Nam, Muzikanti, 1960, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

There's been a very long and loud concert in the garden all Summer...
now it's fading away, and I already miss it

E. Lejeune, Les petits habitants des fleurs1850 

Die Geschichte von Körnli und Rispli published by Chocolats Nestlé, 1945, 
thanks to Michael Studt

Felix LoriouxLe Buffon des Enfants, Les Insectes de Chez Nous, 1946

Fritz Baumgarten, Gartengemeinshaft Malepunkte, 1949 

B. Lubarsky, Basil the Cat, 1959

Heinrich Strub, Sumse Sumsebrumm, 1946, and 
Babs van Wely, Tjirp de Krekel, 1961, thanks again to Arthur van Kruining

Jerzy Flisak, Und unter uns die Zwerge, 1971

 Vladimir Pivovarov, 1971

Oksana Ignashchenko, Fly Tsokotukha, 1985 thanks to polny_shkaf

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eclectic Delights

poster for Overlook Press, early 1970s

When I started the Animalarium a little over four years ago, one of my first posts
was dedicated to Milton Glaser, who has been one of my heroes for a long long time.
As more of his works surface online, today I am even more impressed by the quality 
and variety of his immense artistic and graphic output. Having recently watched
the documentary Milton Glaser: to Inform and Delight and a number of his lectures and
 interviewsI am inspired to pay homage again to this giant of visual communication 
and overall gracious human being. The following images come from various 
online sources, but most of them were first featured on the website of the 

Book covers, 1959-60

Colorvision brochure, 1963

Show, The Magazine of the Arts, September 1963

poster to promote book, 1969 

bird for Unicef poster, late 1960s–early 1970s

Sans tabac poster, 1977

San Diego Jazz Festival, 1983

Night of The Snow Leopard, 1983

two sketches for the Buffalo Zoological Gardens, 1983

Illustration for Le Poète Assassiné by Apollinarie, 1984

Catskill Cuisine, 1990s

Lonely Cat, 2003

poster for Overlook Press, 2011

poster for the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival, 2013

still going strong after 60 years...


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