Thursday, August 22, 2013

Insect Orchestra

 Jiri Trnka, Prijdte K Nam, Muzikanti, 1960, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

There's been a very long and loud concert in the garden all Summer...
now it's fading away, and I already miss it

E. Lejeune, Les petits habitants des fleurs1850 

Die Geschichte von Körnli und Rispli published by Chocolats Nestlé, 1945, 
thanks to Michael Studt

Felix LoriouxLe Buffon des Enfants, Les Insectes de Chez Nous, 1946

Fritz Baumgarten, Gartengemeinshaft Malepunkte, 1949 

B. Lubarsky, Basil the Cat, 1959

Heinrich Strub, Sumse Sumsebrumm, 1946, and 
Babs van Wely, Tjirp de Krekel, 1961, thanks again to Arthur van Kruining

Jerzy Flisak, Und unter uns die Zwerge, 1971

 Vladimir Pivovarov, 1971

Oksana Ignashchenko, Fly Tsokotukha, 1985 thanks to polny_shkaf


  1. Wonderful!! I love the MArtin Senn one of the piano player!

  2. My young daughter would love some of these as artwork on her bedroom wall, outstanding.

  3. Love it! So much fun to look at. If anyone is interested I did a three part post on The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast by Alan Aldridge -



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