Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Matticchio - Fear of Birds

Sunday Safari - Looming Presences

Martin Wittfooth, A Milder Fate Than Tyranny

Gerald Rose, illustration for Nessie The Mannerless Monster By Ted Hughes 
thanks to Hazel Terry's Classics of Children's Illustration Flickr set

 Michael Sowa, Haunted City

 Di Liu, two photos from the Animal Regulation series

 Shuichi Nakano, Premonition of Storm and Chill at 5:25
from the Searching for Paradise series

Chris Appelhans, Midnight Party

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This post was already on my mind since I love Arab art and calligraphy, 
today I dedicate it to all the Arab people fighting for their rights...
may your victory come soon! 

Bird shaped calligraphy, 17th century Iran,
from the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin

Françoise Joire, Arabalphabêtes
 19th century Turkish wall painting in the shape of a lion, thanks to gramatologia

 Bismillah in the shape of an ostrich and
elephant shaped calligraphy by Hassan Musa

unidentified calligraphy found at BibliOdyssey

Jila Peacock, two animal shaped poems for Ten poems from Hafez

poster by Mehdi Saeedi 

Shahnawaz Alam Ahmed, poetry by Meer Taqi Meer, thanks to Ephemera Assemblyman

Salavat Ghilyazetdinov, Prophet's Horse, from the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

for more images and links check out 
BibliOdyssey's beautiful Zoomorphic Calligraphy post

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Wolf at the Door

More about the dark side of wolves...
but of course, only humans can be that cruel!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Safari - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Christian RouxLe Petit Chaperon Rouge

Frans Haacken, Peter und der Wolf, 1958
thanks to the always inspiring Flickr album of Arthur van Kruining

Stanislav Kolíbal, Kalevala narrated to children, 1962 
from the lovely Flickr books set of Handy hands´ corner 

 Bruno Munari, Cappuccetto Verde

 Lev Tokmakov, thanks to irtroit 

Nikko BarberConversation I've never had 

 Etienne DelessertBig and Bad

Niklaus TroxlerFuchsjagd theater poster

 Adrien Merigeau, Old Fangs

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Distracted by Porno

It's a crazy, scary, surreal time for Italian politics, and like many I am torn between
anger and frustration at the sad state of our democracy and hopes for a real change. 
Outraged by the shameless, vulgar, arrogant machismo of our political rulers, 
last night I consoled myself rewatching one of my favorite icons of Italian style, 
 the always lovely, classy, smart and free spirited Isabella Rossellini 
narrating and playacting the bizarre sex lives of animals.

A few years ago Isabella was encouraged by Robert Redford to create a series 
of very short films intended for the new audience of mobile Internet and You Tube. 
Being a serious animal lover, she came out with the concept for a low tech, 
irreverent, funny and sexy take on educational nature documentaries.
Rossellini then wrote, produced, directed and starred in some very unusual 
but scientifically sound videos about the mating habits of insects.

The highly successful Green Porno project won two Webby awards in 2009, 
and was followed by two more series about sea animals and a book.

Green Porno's offspring Seduce me focuses on the often bizarre rituals 
that precede mating, and features creatures ranging from salmons to snakes 
to cuttlefish. Two series have been produced, for a total of ten videos.
You can watch all of Isabella's animal shorts on Sundance Channel.

The recent Sundance festival also premiered Animals Distract Me, the new 
Rossellini film following her concern for wildlife "as she visits with Mario Batali, 
Andre Leon Talley, Charles Darwin, and a host of urban creatures in New York City". 
The feature will debut on Earth Day (April 22nd) on Discovery Channel's Planet Green.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wolf Girls & Foxy Ladies

Kiki SmithWolf Girl

Sebastiano recently gave me for my birthday the beautiful catalog
of the 2005 Mart exhibition Il Bello e le bestie (Beauty and the beasts).
The volume displays a varied collection of art exploring the contamination 
of human and animal forms in imagery ranging from early mythical monsters 
to contemporary social satire. A fascinating selection, including the stunning 
Daniel Lee photograph below, which has inspired me to restore to life 
Animalarium's long-dormant homage to woman-animal hybrids 
with this proud pack of wintery creatures. 

Daniel LeeJuror no. 4 (Fox Spirit)

Nicole ClavelouxLa femme loup

Xiaoqing DIng, Fox and Girl

Jennybird AlcantaraHiding Place

Julianna SwaneyWolfgirl

Sandra Dieckmann, Fox and Half Human

Kelly Louise Judd, Wilhelmine Wolf in the Snow

Ryan McGinley at Designaside

Eugène Grasset, Three Women and Three Wolves,
thanks to sealmaiden

Felipe Prado, thanks to Baubauhaus


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