Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We'll Be Missing You

Last night we laughed and cried while listening to the wonderful Fresh Air broadcast 
in memory of Maurice Sendak. I can't believe I'm still shedding tears right now.

Goodbye Maurice, thank you for all the wild and wonderful things you gave us.
Thank you for your amazing creativity, honesty, intelligence and courage; 
thank you for turning the challenges and tragedies of life into art
that will continue to inspire, move and elevate us,
 thank you for your profound love of beauty and truth.

I wish I could tell you please don't go, 
and let you know we love you so!


  1. I cried as well.. a wonderful tribute. You have made a wonderful tribute here, too. A great talent and mind has left us.

  2. Yes, this the greatest loss.

    A beautiful choice of image to illustrate your tribute. I always found Sendak's drawings of Jennie to be his tenderest and most poignant.

  3. Moving words. Thank you, Laura. And such a fitting image to accompany them.

  4. Years ago, when my son told me they were making a movie from the best book ever, I immediately knew which one it was. He gave us the best lived books on our shelf. Thank you for a wonderful tribute.



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