Saturday, June 23, 2012

Screen Play

These eye-popping silkscreen prints were created by The Little Friends of Printmaking,
a husband and wife design duo based in Milwaukee. Melissa and J W Buchanan have been active
 poster artists since 2003, and have been featured in many publications and won the 2006 Young Guns Award.
Their humorous and super colorful visual language, steeped in popular culture such as cartoons and comics,
may looks deceptively simple, but their approach to silkscreening is both complex and refined. 
If you dig them too, you may buy their prints here, and check out an interesting and funny
 2009 interview on Grain Edit, where you'll find out about their background, working methods,
 like and dislikes, the origin of their name, and more.


  1. My favorite is the first one, the strawberry eating mouses.

  2. All this blog is fantastic!
    I really like it.



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