Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Momentous Mutations of Kazumasa Nagai

"The universe and mankind both have a uniform order that I express". Kazugama Nagai

For over forty years Kazumasa Nagai has communicated his poetic message 
of harmony between man and nature through artworks that are refreshingly diverse 
but remain consistently elegant, striking and essential. Nagai (b. 1929), always 
an experimenter, has periodically startled the artworld with the dramatic evolutions 
of his style, from rational abstractions to realistic illustration to computer art to patterns
 to stylized natural forms and more. Japanese graphic master Tadanori Yokoo defined
 these changes as "the Momentous Mutations of Kazumasa Nagai". Nagai's works have been
 featured in many environmental campaigns, received international awards and are found
 in collections including the MoMA and the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokio.


  1. Such fine details and lovely patterning... quite soulful. Really adore the compositions as well.

  2. I keep meaning to feature his fingerprint paintings. The man's mutations are certainly momentous.

    (Laura, just realized you weren't on my blogroll -- a clerical error I assure you!)




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