Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Me And My Bunny

 Milton Glaser, Shirley and Mr Hoffman I, 1981-82, via Galerie Martel

  Jean Dieuzaide, Portugal, 1954, thanks to So Woods at Le blog de SoVeNa

Margo Selski, Desire's pet

 Erika Yamashiro, Rabbithair

 Susumu Fujimoto (discovered at the Bologna book fair,
photo thanks to Sophie Van der Linden)

 Ghostpatrol, Lapin voyage skateboard

Maurice Sendak, Mr. rabbit and the lovely present,
thanks to Sergio Ruzzier

Lori Field, Area 25, thanks to Phantasmaphile


  1. Wow!! preciosas ilustraciones...gracias!!

    un abrazo,

  2. Nice theme and interesting works.

  3. What a beautiful galery! Does the Easter-bunny exist in Italy? Happy Easterweekend!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Swig, in Italy people don't follow the Easter Bunny-egg hunt tradition, but my family is part-british and american, so we've organized lots of Easter egg hunts when the children were little!



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