Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Talkative Beasts

Two mots-images by Jean Alessandrini, thanks to design et typo

Combining animals with letters is an old idea, but still as fun as always,
and open to endless variations. Today's selection includes both 
hand-lettered and typographic creatures, and even three-dimensional ones.

Ancient Chinese figure-inscription of an Ox designed to discourage people from eating meat
 and The Bear by Johann Leonhard Frisch, c.1700, thanks to Retro Graphic Design +

U&lc vol 1

Lisl WeilOwl and other scrambles, 1980, thanks to Curio Books

Jeremy Pettis, from 26 types of animals

Michael Johnson at Almost extinct, thanks to Junkculture

Sarah King, Night Trout

Visit this previous post to see some examples 
of zoomorphic calligraphy in the Islamic tradition.


  1. thanks for sharing them, really loooove it!!

  2. There is also a rich tradition of "zoomorphic calligraphy" is Islamic art. Look here for samples:


  3. I've just discover your blog and your tumblr also and it's been a great surprise! I love it! It's so beautiful... I really really congratulate you. If you want you can visit my blog, it would be a pleasure. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Jeannie, you are right, I have added a link to my post on Islamic calligraphy.

    Thank you Elena, I have started following your tumblr!

  5. maravillosas imágenes, que hermoso espacio!!!! gracias por compartirlas!!

    un saludo!

  6. Nice. There are also "Alphabeasties".



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