Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friends & Feathers

Last week our cockatoo friend Viola went back to her home.
Even though she could be as demanding as a toddler (and much louder),
most of the time her presence was delightful and very entertaining.
By the way, I didn't know that cockatoos love cuddles so much!
Seba fell completely under her spell, and after taking dozens of photos
he has already created two portraits of Violaone of which now hangs 
where her cage used to stand. This post is dedicated to him and to 
all bird lovers, and naturally to our beautiful feathered friends.

Beatrice Alemagna, illustration from Jo singe garçon

 Clive Hicks-JenkinsKevin and the blackbird's nest

Dilka Bear, New Moon, thanks to magpie and whiskeyjack

 GrapeFrogg, You Could Stay There


  1. As always, I come for a few minutes and stay much, much longer, led deeper and deeper into the wonderful labyrinth that is the Animalarium!

  2. what a lovely post in a lovely blog! i'm glad clive mentioned it, and i'm happy to see his st.kevin up there :)
    i'm off to discover more about two artists here i'd never seen before and am dazzled by: michael shaprott and alberto macone.

  3. Hello, this is my sort of life! We are bird people, and we live with grey parrots as well as other birds. Have a look at our finches perching on my husband's nose! I put the photo in the title 'The day after' on the 31st October entry. They used to 'live' in the folds of swags, and even laid eggs in them.

    One of my chickens used to perch on our shoulder too!

  4. Hello! I have beautiful book, where gnome was on friendly terms with a raven, and they told each other fairy tales, but have then quarrelled!



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