Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Have a Bite!

The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast, 1860 ca. 

After a rather long break, the Animalarium is back on his mission 
to feed its viewers with tasty bits of eye candy. 
Take a seat and enjoy the feast! 

The Animal's Ball, 1917

Yuri Vasnetsov, The Magpie, 1938

Hans Fischer, The Traveling Musicians, 1944

Heinrich Strub, Sumse Sumsebrumm, 1946

Elisabeth BrozowskaThe Animal's Party, 1962

Garth Williams, The Turret1963

Karla Kuskin, The Walk the Mouse Girls Took, 1967 

Mai Miturich, Cockerel, 1968

Donald Chaffin, Fantastic Mr. Fox1970

Antoni Boratyński, Nie płacz, Koziołku, 1973 

Zdzisław Witwicki, O Wróbelku Elemelku, 1982 

Mister Gatto, In viaggio con papà


  1. Yay! Welcome back! Your blog is one of my top favourites - and I never gave up hope to see it updated again! Thank you for coming back and for posting all the beautiful stuff!


  2. good to see you back in bloglandia!

  3. Welcome back!! Wonderful post, as usual!

  4. so glad you didn't quit the blog. i look forward to your postings and they bring me a lot of joy. thanks for all!

  5. i missed your posts so much, thanks for posting again! nice fine dinings



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