Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Maurice Sendak, Higgelty Piggelty Pop, 1967

Kozo Kakimoto, Helpful Mr. Bear

sorry, couldn't find the source... help welcome!

Jan Marcin Szancer, Tygrys w pociągu, 1964

Eric Beddows, Zoom away, 1982

Camilla Engman, Reisen

Franco Matticchio

WIlliam Steig, Dominic

Francheska YarbusovaHedgehog in the fog


  1. Hello Laura

    Just a quick email to let you know that I've nominated your fab site for a "Lovely Blog Award" and will be mentioning this on my own blog http://www.fishinkblog.wordpress.com today.

    Hope this finds you well and keep up the great work, it's a great read.

    All the very best

    Craig : )

  2. H-hm, Francheska Yarbusova? But "Hedgehog in the fog" is a cartoon of Yuriy Norshteyn.

  3. yepp, the cartoon is a USSR cartoon...

    as for the travveling hegehog where you inquired for an authorship, the imagery is used for a Dick King-Smith book "everything about... Hegehog Max"

    as the illustrators are mentioned other people than here:http://www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-hudozhniki/30-shikarnyh-illyustracij-v-kotorye-mozhno-vlyubitsya-1043610/
    Dmitry Nepomniashiy and Olga Popugayeva: http://dimoliart.ru/

    and i am inclined to believe the latter source (adme)



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