Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Safari - An Army of Claws

Chicken Billy, King Crab

Last night Seba and I watched the spectacular Oceans documentary by French directors 
Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud. The otherwordly beauty of aquatic life forms is so inspirig!
One of the most awesome sequences of the movie was the encounter between 
two immense and heavily armoured crab battalions; it reminded me of the
incredible battle scenes of the Lord of the RIngs...
Animalarium's army is small but larger than life!
Bruno Munari, from Gigi cerca il suo berretto

Van Gogh, Crab on its back, thanks to This Isn't Happiness

 Lester Beall, Scope magazine cover, 1948, thanks to Alki1

 Leonard Baskin, from A Little Book of Natural History

 Karolin SchnoorLobster Heart

 Rachel Wilson on the Behance Network

 Edward Bawden, An old crab and a young at Fry Art Gallery

Eleanor GroschBlue Crab

Sebastiano Ranchetti, Orange Crab

Tom Kamfuji, from AIGA Graphic Design USA No.4

Paul Rand, cover of The Condemned of Altona
thanks to bookworship



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