Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Safari - Blacker than the Night

1940s Vintage Cardboard Halloween Die cut Decoration, thanks to Halloween guy

Happy Halloween to everyone! (especially black cat lovers)

Arthur Rackham illustration for Grimm's Fairy Tales,
thanks to ASIFA-Hollywood animation archive

 The Black Cat movie poster, 1934, thanks to This isn't Happiness

 Jenny Dalenoord Wiplala cover, 1958, thanks to art.crazed

 The Alarm of the Black Cat cover, 1942, via She Blogged By Night

 Tomb of Ligeia movie poster via wellmedicated

 Dick Bruna cover from Bruna's great set by juliensart on flickr

 Mas Negro que la Noche movie poster, 1975, thanks to Martin Klasch

Frans Haacken illustration from Peter und der Wolf, 1958, thanks to Arthur van Kruining

 Emanuel Schongut cover, 1960s

 Pablo Amargo poster

Los gatos con Mercè, Yolanda Mosquera


  1. Yes, black cats are the best and this is a wonderful tribute to them. I have a whole slew of black cats in various formats, including a real live one. Come visit my semi-exciting blog to see some of them. And there are lots of scary gorillas too!



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