Friday, July 6, 2012

Accidental Bestiary

Stefania Camilli is a brave woman. Not only has she started a new publishing company 
at a time when both the editorial world and the Italian economy are in the midst of a crisis,
but she has chosen to come out with a first book which is unusual and daring. 

For this project she has contacted Guido Scarabottolo, one of Italy's best art directors, 
graphic designers and illustrators (I have previously written about one of his children's books here).
To her surprise and delight, he was very approachable, and willing to collaborate with a new unknown publisher.
The result of his work is beautiful and innovative: an open-ended volume featuring a random collection
 of surprising animal pictures designed to be enjoyed on their own, or to serve as a stimulus for the creation 
of an endless series of stories. To add to the fun, all the illustration pages are perforated
so that the favorite pictures can be detached and hung or played with.

The large format book is wordless except for the animals' latin names, 
and can appeal to both young children and adult animal and art lovers.

I wish all the best to Camilla and her Vànvere Edizioni 
and I am hoping to see a new production soon!


  1. wonderful! thank you for showing and have a nice weekend! greetings from Paris!

  2. Also the outside of the book seems to be intersting... please show it the other time.

  3. Yes, congrats to Camilla on this new endeavor! What a fabulous book! I love it when people push the boundaries and do daring things with an old format like this project for the book. The artwork is so beautiful. I hope they have much success with it! Bravo!

  4. Stefania Camilli's the name...I met her today, a very nice woman.

  5. I am glad you like it too... I think it's a great production. Brava Camilla.



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