Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've Got Mail

Imagine my sheer delight when this package arrived in the mail!
A lovely editorial concept and a great selection of over 
30 of my favorite Matticchio animal drawings... 
what more could I wish for Christmas?

Libretto Postale is the result of a collaboration between Franco, Stefania Camilli of Vanvere Edizioni
and the illustrator and art director Guido Scarabottolo. Some will remember my post about 
Vanvere's first publication, a beautiful and unique book of animal drawings by Scarabottolo. 
In this case, Guido has contributed by working on the graphic project, and most importantly, 
by kindly encouraging the often reluctant Franco to participate in the endeavor.

The result is a wonderful mix between an illustrated book and a postcard collection.
Each page is divided in half by a perforation, so that a large version of the illustration 
can be detached and used as a postcard, while a slightly smaller version remains 
in the book, with space for optional comments and notes by the owner.

The back of each page features an extra illustration.

As if the 16 postcards, which by themselves are well worth the price, were not enough,
the volume contains an extra bonus, this series of 16 poetic fake stamps.

I can't wait to see what the fearless Stefania will conceive and produce next, 
and am proud to have helped in a very small way to make one of her dreams 
come true! And of course, I am immensely grateful to Franco for his genius, 
and so happy that more people are getting to share it...

PS: thanks to Li-AN for asking the obvious question: 
where and how can one buy this book outside Italy?
Just follow this link, and order it directly from Vanvere.



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