Sunday, December 2, 2012

King of the Barnyard

Istvan Banyai, Zoom 

Károly Reich, thanks to Sun Tear on kidpix

Vyaceslav Legkobit (I have already posted this one, but it's such an happy picture)

K.Ovchinnikov, 1989

Lidija Glinskiené, Little Fire, Conqueror of Seven, 1965

Andrzej Owsiński, Zwierzeta, via polska ilustracja dla dzieci

David Leonard, thanks to Letslookupandsmile

two illustrations from Carlos Marchiori's Sally Go Round the Sun, thanks to bookvart

Ray Garrod, via Retro Graphic Design

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  1. Great images! Such a lot of potential in a rooster for pattern, texture and colour variation.

  2. Wonderful set of roosters. I am enjoying this post immensely.

  3. Oh! I never get tired of rooster pictures! Thanks Laura!

  4. Oh such happy roosters that make me happy too! Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for your comments, all you rooster fans|

    And thanks for reminding me Li-An, I had forgotten to add the link!



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