Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bestiarium Wilkonia - The Birds

It's time for some more lovely animal artworks by Józef Wilkon.
Part of a series of posts that has previously featured a selection of the artist's horses
big cats and little catsThe info is very limited due to language barriers!

Cover and illustration from Waldkonzert, 1979

Illustration from the recently republished Ksiega Dzungli (Jungle book) by Rudyard Kipling


Peacoks are a recurring theme in Wilkon's artworks.
I believe some of these are from a 1959 book titled Pawie Wierze.

Illustration from Pan Tip-Top, 1982

Bird sculptures


  1. I love Wilkoń works. Such a great use of stains.

  2. Wow! These are so full of life. Quite daring and bold in the way they are executed!

  3. Yes! And I love the way his style changes through the years but remains so personal, so uniquely "wilkonian".

  4. such beautiful work - thank you for posting this, I had no idea about Wilkon's work. :) cheers, inaluxe



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