Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Safari - The Tallest Ones

Today is my birthday and I dedicate this safari to my mother Mariella, a strong, smart, beautiful and kind woman who has always been there for me and my family. In the small town where we both grew up she was known for her beauty (a bit of a problem for my self-esteem) and her height. 1.76 m is an average stature today, but in 1950s Italy she literally stuck out from the crowd, and was often asked: "how is the weather up there?" Thinking of this I gathered some pretty giraffes, animals that are particularly dear to me, and that like her have very strong motherly instincts.

Nomi and the lovely animals by Louis Slobodkin, 1960

Mother and child by Leia Bell

L'histoire de girafe, written by Ronald Hermsen and illustrated by Guido Pigni

Giraffe swing by David Barneda at Drawing Dreams card gallery

On Giraffe Pond by Michael Sowa

Snacking happy family by Meg Hunt
Giraffe from the tile series Our animal friends by Xenia Taler

Arabia of Finland giraffes designed by Taisto Kaasinen in 1965, from hi+lomodern

I know a giraffe: a tall tale by David Omar White, 1965, thanks to Rad Library

Illustration from Whatever by William Bee, thanks to The Apple and the Egg

children's book illustration from borisbo's flickr photostream
(worth a visit because he's also a very interesting graphic designer)

Two giraffe paintings by Naoto Kitamura

Giraffe by the ever playful Toshiyuki Fukuda

Blue giraffe by Sebastiano Ranchetti

Giraffa from Animani by Mario Mariotti, 1980


    you share it with another good friend of mine, Lovely Giraffes. Hope you had a lovely day.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I've found some nice russian cat videos for you - sorry no giraffes today :)

  3. Beautiful post, great tribute to your mother;)



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