Friday, January 8, 2010

Bestiarium WIlkonia – The Little Cats

Here are some more of Józef Wilkon's lovely artworks. I don't have a lot of information
on most of these pictures, so I'll just add it as soon as I find it or it finds me.
If you enjoy these sweet felines, here are Wilkon's horses and big cats.

Satyrykon poster, 2005

Rosalind das Katzenkind

Czarny Książe Nocy, 2002

Kot czarny

Kot z wróblami, 1984

Kici kici miau, 2009


  1. OH!
    I thought these looked really familiar - I have a book by Jozef Wilkon and Ursula Valentin.

    Roughly translated, the title is "Mr Tonktonkie and his friends", about a lonely old man and his friends, the little wild birds.

    I'm going to have to write a post about it :)



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