Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bologna finds - Igor Oleynikov

From Emperor's race

One of the booths I regularly visit at the book fair is the Taiwanese Grimm Press.
 Established in 1993, with over 600 volumes to date it has become Taiwan's largest
 children's publisher and has won numerous awards in Bologna and elsewhere.
 Grimm Press specializes in high quality "classic" illustrated books and collaborates 
with many international artists like Yvonne GilbertGiuliano Ferri

This time my eye was captured by the lovely, tender pictures in a 2009 volume 
about a bear and a butterfly dreaming of living each other's life. The story was written 
by K.T.Hao and the illustrations were painted by Russian artist Igor Oleynikov
Oleynikov lives in Moscow and has worked for animation studios Sojuzmultfilm 
(the same State studio that produced Yuri Norstein's wonderful films) and Christmas Films.
 In 1986 he also started collaborating with publishing companies and magazines, 
and has since illustrated over 25 children's books for various international publishers.

Grimm Press this year is presenting two new titles illustrated by Oleynikov, 
the classic brothers Grimm tale Bremen Town Musicians and the Chinese story 
Magic Paintbrush by Xun Tao Hong.

On the website of his rep, Kidshannon, I found many more 
charming artworks from various unspecified projects.


  1. wow amazing artworks! thanks for sharing.

    I think your blog is great!


  2. Thank you for posting this, it is beautiful artwork that definitely inspires me.

  3. Thanks for your comments and compliments!

  4. Il coniglio è adorabile! E anche il tuo blog, trovi sempre delle cose fantastiche e sei davvero di ispirazione! COntinua così!!!




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