Friday, April 30, 2010

Children of the Revolution, part 2

A quick post, as I'm leaving town for the weekend. Hopefully I'll be back in time, otherwise it's going to be Monday Safari!

Vladimir Lebedev for Usatyj-polosatyi (The moustached-striped) by Samuil Marshak, 1930

Yevgeny Charushin for Scur (The hawfinch), 1930

Nikolaj Kuprejanov for Zverinec (The menagerie), 1930

Valentin Kurdov for Cavalry, 1931

Yuri Vasnetsov for Boloto (The bog) by Vitaly Bianki, 1931

Vasily Kobelev for Forest Scout , 1931

A. Borovskoi for V Taige, 1933

Evgenij Rachev for Zviri pivnichnykh moriv (Animals of the Northern seas), 1933

P.N. Riabova for Pro olenei i detei, pro sobak i pro guse, 1934

Ivan Efimov for Gde raki zimuiut (Where lobsters spend winter), 1935



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