Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Safari - The Bull Charge

Poster by Ota Janacek from Graphis Annual 1961-62, 
thanks again to sandiv999's MCM advertisements flickr set

The Sun is in Taurus, and today's safari is a bloodless bullring. 
Whether raging or quiet, I am in awe of this powerful presence!

Stylized black bull, thanks to Aqua-Velvet's finds flickr set

Poster by Andrew Lewis

Józef Wilkon

Bull's head litograph by Walter Spitzer, 1963, thanks to A Journey Round my Skull

Sweet bull by Sebastiano Ranchetti

Paper bull by origamikuenstler on deviantart, thanks to livingcrafts' tumblr

Bull illustration by Michael Robertson at Samba for Rats

Summer (Bull) limited edition serigraph by Eleanor Grosch

Concert poster by Methane Studios

Sculpture by Alexandra de Lazareff

Illustration from Carmen by Gabriel Pacheco

Illustration by Martina Merlini, aka pOna

Illustration by Jean-Manuel Duvivier


  1. incredible bulls, thank you as always.

  2. Great collection of the taurus (my sign). Love the origami and the Andrew Bird concert poster. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great images! I now covet an Alexandra de Lazareff sculpture.

  4. So nice your blog... I will come around to see these great illustrators :) Thanks.

  5. Hi Laura! Ah, these graphics are amazing. Especially love the Janacek and Andrew Lewis works and Seba's beautiful illustration. Seba always does such a terrific job using lovely organic forms and gorgeous colour palettes.

    My lone bull is quite honored to be in the mix, thank you! :~)



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