Sunday, November 14, 2010

Squirrel Safari

Two beautiful squirrels by Roger Excoffon

Clemens Habicht, Superannuation squirrels

Leonard WeisgardThe golden birthday book, 1989

Eugène Grasset, Écureuils from L'animal dans la décoration1897, via New York Public Library

Czechoslovakian film poster, 1971, thanks to Maraid on Flickr

Celestino Piatti, The golden apple, thanks to Pin Pals on Flickr

Brian Wildsmith, Squirrels, 1972, thanks to burginstreet on Flickr

Two knitted squirrels by Natasha Fadeeva

Mirko Hanak, Animals We Love, 1972, thanks to art.crazed on Flickr

Tatiana Kapustina via Library things


  1. i love the one of clemens habicht! it's really cool...

  2. j'adore les écureuils.. ça me plait.

  3. The Roger Excoffon 'strokebrush' one is simply beautiful.

  4. But what, no rabbits on the site?! I was hoping maybe, maybe, I would find here pictures by a long-dead Native American artist whose works I saw in a book years ago. Lovely, simple, spartan but confident paintings of rabbit stories (maybe jack rabbit). Sweet and elegant. I'm pretty sure it was a woman artist; can't remember her tribe - but probably a tribe that especially loves Rabbit. I have been looking all over for those paintings, that artist. You would love them! Is there any way you can find them??
    Your site is superb. Thanks!

  5. Thank you all for the comments.

    Dear Anonymous, Animalarium loves rabbits, just look under the tag "bunnies and hares". I am not familiar with the artworks you are describing, but if I find something out I will post it here.



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