Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Safari - Folk friends

The Folk Festival theme is my good excuse to post some more festive creations
by modern artists and designers whose inspiration is fueled by popular art.
Join me on a colorful ride in a timeless and ever changing 
landscape of shapes and patterns! 

Maze of Sparrows and Owl by Kate McLelland from Scotland, 
discovered thanks to Kickcan & Conkers

Elephant of the Dead print by Philip Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena
from California/Mexico at omgposters

Whale Collection by Dolan Geiman in Chicago

Wire Owl at De Beaux Souvenirs in France

An Orchard, for a Dome and Bird on Cross 
by Madeleine Stamer at Little Circus Design in Melbourne

Bird Stack and Morning Birds by Cole Gerst at Option-G in LA

Forest girl and Folk Friends by Karolin Schnoor from Berlin

Screen print poster by Henning Trollback from Sweden


  1. It's a beautiful colorful ride. Thank you!

  2. An amazing collection of treasure!!!!!
    Laura you send me zinging into my Monday morning.
    Thank You



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