Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ukrainian Dance

Well I couldn't resist, so before moving on to other areas

here is one more post related to the Soviet period and Folk art!

When one year ago I first discovered Vyaceslav Legkobit's
exhuberant creations via Kickcan & Conkers, it was love at first sight.
And though I have already posted pictures from his books whenever I get a chance
I feel that the wonderful mr.Legkobit deserves his own personal feature.
(Unfortunately, in spite of some help from Google translator, I haven't been able 
to find any biographical info, and I don't know if this artist is Russian or Ukrainian, 
or indeed if he is still alive. In case you can help please let me know,
and otherwise I hope you enjoy the joyful country dancing!)
thanks to Yaro, I've discovered that Legkobit was born in Ukraine in 1941,
and that the more recent info available about him is from 1978. 

 From Hto scho malyuє, 1968 
republished in English as Everyone Likes to Draw by Raduga, Moscow, 1975

 From Wolves, written by Stepan Rudansky, 1973 

 From Perepelichka low-Nevelichka, Ukrainian folk tongue twisters, 1975 

  From Zhenchik, zhenchik NevelichkaUkrainian folk tongue twisters, 1976 

 From Poems written by Vladimir Voskoboinikov, 1976 

Many, many thanks to kievljanka at kidpix for all the scans.
And for more Folk gorgeousness, check out the beautiful post about 
Signature: Patterns in Gond Art on A Journey Round My Skull.


  1. These are amazing! Over time you really made me seriously consider starting to collect children's books with beautiful illustrations. (Well, you and Deb at kickcan and conkers.)
    I also love the Gondi atrworks, I think I first met them at Bibliodyssey.

  2. nice nice very mice

  3. I love the first one!! and the flying wolves. and the goat with the cowboy boots. and...

  4. Such rich and exuberant imagery! I am still reeling....

  5. artist born in Ukraine (village near Kyiv) in 1941. Unfortunately after 1978 no info about him( info in russian taken from here

  6. So gorgeous!!! Found this via Pinterest while researching for ukranian folk inspiration. Thank you for sharing! Will certainly visit your blog again :-)



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